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    International Day for the Elimination of Racial DiscriminationMarch 21st, 2013
    In 1996, the UN established a day for Anti-Racism.
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College Racism

Two years ago, an African American student in college was discriminated against and bullied. This happened in UCSD, University of California – San Diego. Words of hatred were thrown at her.

They (students) maybe don’t even have a lot of understanding of the history.

People don’t understand what is the history behind every person. They judge people of their culture, their status and their race. They don’t understand what every person has gone through and racism can really affect someone without you even knowing.

The girl’s family wished that she was in a place where she would be more comfortable, but not in a place where people wanted her dead.

We (her family) came from struggles and this was an accomplishment being here. But I would prefer to go somewhere else than to be here, knowing that I have to look over my back because people want me dead.

-Robinson said.

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Skin Doesn’t Matter

This picture shows that anybody can be friends, regardless of your skin color. It doesn’t matter what skin color you are, but what matters is what is underneath.

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Racism Cartoons

Racism isn’t just what you say. Pictures also show racism. 

The picture above is racism because the white dog is angry a black dog, one that he doesn’t even know but yet he judges. This is how society is today.

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In March, a year or two ago, there was an outrage spark involving students of UC, in North Carolina. They protested against racist acts, fighting for equal rights for all races and types of people: such as gay people. Many people were outraged by some of these racist acts. Many people thought it was sickening, how people were so disrespectful to the race and status of people.

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Promotion for Racism

As many of you have seen in my posts, I wrote about Trayvon Martin’s case. However, this is still not over, even thought it happened months ago.

A company named the Hiller Armament Company of Virginia began selling targets for practice, shaped like Trayvon Martin, with Skittles and the Arizona ice tea. 

This is illegal and absolutely racist and vile to everyone. This is promotion of the death of a teenage boy that a family lost.  The Virginian law states

“Prohibits the unauthorized use of a person’s name, portrait or picture for advertising or trade purposes. The right continues for 20 years after death.”

What do you think? Should they shut down the business because it’s illegal or keep selling them to keep promoting his name?

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http://www.change.org/petitions/virginia-attorney-general-ken-cuccinelli-take-action-against-hiller-armament-company-for-trayvon-targets?utm_campaign=BEhnWPiUyq&utm_medium=email&utm_source=action_alert This website currently hosts a petition to stop the use of Trayvon’s name in this business. Sign it if you believe this isn’t right.

Asian Pacific-Islander Heritage Month

Many of you have heard that May is the Asian Pacific-Islander Heritage Month! It is a celebration for all the Asian and Pacific-Islanders in the United States. If you are Asian, or a Pacific-Islander, or both, embrace that fact and celebrate. Places such as China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, Mongolia, Singapore, New Zealand, Philippines, Australia, and Indonesia are part of the Asian Pacific Region.

Anyways, moving away from the happy facts, do you know why we’re celebration Asian Pacific-Islander Month? If you don’t, you are going to find out now. First, I’m just going to say APIM because it is too long to type and it’s annoying.

We celebrate APIM to pay a tribute for all they have done for us in the 19th and 20th century. In the 19th century, many Asians (mostly Chinese) immigrated to the US. They were rarely tolerated by the settlers and people already inhabiting the US. In California, there was a big gold rush. It attracted many Asians to immigrate there. Asians and Pacific-Islanders were not allowed to mine gold for themselves, but for the others. They were discriminated against, and they were not considered US citizens.

Many API worked on the First Transcontinental Railroad. The path of the FTCRR followed the well-known trails, such as the Mormon Trail, Oregon Trail, and the California Trail.

The API working on the railroad got very small pay, while the whites received about $3 per day. They went on strike and earned a bit more salary. They often sang songs to keep themselves entertained through the day. They sang songs like “Comin’ Round the Mountains.”

Even after they finished, they didn’t receive any less discrimination. They weren’t allowed to live near whites, or own their own land. Laws were passed to make their lives difficult. Usually, the Chinese men wore their hair in braids, but a law was passed saying that they had to cut it. Only after years passed, the law was abolished.

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Not Just What You Think

I know that when some people mention racism, they think of discrimination, mostly against African American and Caucasians. However, there are other races affected by racism. There was one major event caused by racism. Most of you have heard of the Holocaust.

What was the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was the murder of about six million Jews by German Nazis. The murder included men, women, the elderly, and children.

When was the Holocaust?

The Holocaust took place between 1933 through 1945.

Where was the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was all over Europe, affecting every Jewish resident.

Who did the Holocaust affect?

The Holocaust affected every Jewish resident and the supporters of Jews in Europe.

Why did the Holocaust exist?

The Holocaust happened because Nazis and Adolf Hitler in Germany believed that all their troubles was caused by Jews.

How did the Holocaust happen?

The Holocaust started slowly. Even before the Holocaust, there was centuries of years of Jews being victims of racism.

In Germany, Nazis build ghettos and death camps. Thousands of Jews were imprisoned in there and many died of starvation, and diseases. As soon as the Jews were sent to the camps and ghettos, immediately 16,000 of them were murdered.

In November 1939, Jews were forced to wear yellow stars to indicate who they were. The yellow stars were known as ‘The Star of David.’ The Star of David was a symbol of death for them.

The Holocaust ended at the end of World War II. The Germans were defeated by the Russian and US allies. Few of the living prisoners were actually freed after Hitler died. Today, many Jewish people live with each other, avoiding others. They are still discriminated against by others, because of who they are.

Did you know about the Holocaust before or not? If not, was this surprising information? Do you think it was right for the Nazis and Hitler to blame the Jews for all their country’s problems?

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